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Cité des sciences – Main Entrance – Outdoor Parvis Nord

Car hacking (July 5 et July 6 th- 10:00 / 18:00)

@RatZillaS will animate a permanent workshop in the outdoor space of the Cité des Sciences !  

In 2023 there were 133,800 car thefts, either one car stolen every 4 minutes

The theft of hybrid or electric vehicles has increased by 70%, which proves the need to think about the safety of vehicles from their design. The connectivity of these vehicles brings comfort but also new cyber vulnerabilities. These workshops aim to shed light on the state of the threat but also parades to ensure the protection of property, people in and around these vehicles

Demonstration of opening the vehicle with a dummy key

Demonstration of opening the vehicle with a software radio

Electronic Attack and Software attack Demonstration


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leHACK 2024 CFP is opened!

For the 20th year, leHACK will host a prestigious talk lineup.

Wether you are a security researcher, a hacker,a freak, or a unicorn, you can come on stage and share your unique knowledge with your pairs.

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