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OSINT Uncovered: Enhancing Public Investigations with the ObSINT Guidelines 🇬🇧

Time: 00:30 > 02:00
Location: Zone 3 - OSINT Village - Louis Armand conference stage

An insightful workshop that delves into the world of open-source intelligence (OSINT) through the lens of the newly established “OSINT Guidelines.” Developed by a consortium of experts (EU DisinfoLab, The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), OSINT Curious, CheckFirst, Centre for Information Resilience, OpenFacto, and Logically), these guidelines offer a comprehensive framework to elevate the quality and effectiveness of public OSINT investigations. For more information, please visit

In response to the rapidly evolving OSINT landscape and the need for common standards, a group of OSINT specialists from diverse organisations united in 2022 in the framework of the EFCSN to form They released the first draft of the Guidelines for Public Interest OSINT Investigations in April 2023, providing organisations with a robust set of good practices to enhance their methodologies, tools, skills, documentation, and work environments.

By presenting real-life case studies, our aim is to showcase the value of the guidelines as a reliable framework for optimising public OSINT investigations. We eagerly anticipate engaging with the audience and sharing our wealth of knowledge on this vital subject.

Amaury L.

Amaury is the CTO and co-founder of CheckFirst, where he leverages his expertise in full stack development to drive innovation. His career spans founding multiple companies and holding significant roles in international corporations, showcasing his diverse technological accomplishments. As an expert for the Mozilla Foundation on the Digital Services Act (DSA), Amaury is the principal author of a comprehensive stress test of major platforms’ “Ad repositories”, mandated by the European Digital Services Act. His involvement in the ObSINT project under the EFCSN underscores his dedication to ethical standards in open-source research. Amaury also shares his knowledge at various prestigious platforms, including the Amsterdam Digital Winter School, EFCSN, SANS OSINT Summit, and the EEAS.


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