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Using the OSINT Mind-State for Better Online Investigations ­čçČ­čçž

Time: 10:00 > 11:00
Location: Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village

In recent years, public interest in open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis has increased exponentially. As this interest has grown, more and more OSINT investigations have been relying on tools and automation, leaving the analysis process behind. In this talk, Nico will show why you should consider OSINT a thought process. He will discuss how to “reset” your state of mind to make sure your investigation and analysis is sound. The OSINT state of mind” is key for keeping track of your investigative steps, picking the right tools and sources, analysing the data, and reporting to generate actionable intelligence.

Nico Dekens | Dutch_osintguy

“Online Nico is known as Dutch_OsintGuy and very active within the OSINT community. He is a Co-founder of the OSINTcurious project. Also he is a Sans Institute instructor for the SEC497: Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) course. Nico is the lead-author & instructor of the SANS SEC587 Advanced Open-Source Intelligence Gathering & Analysis course Currently Nico is working as Director of Intelligence & Collection Innovation at ShadowDragon.
Nico Dekens has over 25 years experience as an (all source) Intelligence Analyst at the Dutch Government. He analysed murder cases, international narcotics cases, stolen art cases, gang violence cases, political disturbance cases. He Investigated and analysed online jihadist groups. Conducted several online covert virtual HUMINT investigations. Nico is an International lecturer at Fortune 500 companies and Governments. “


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