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WORKSHOP: China from afar, open data and research 🇬🇧

Time: 23:00 > 23:55
Location: Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village

23:00 -> 01:00
“””China is a black box””. How many times did you heard this meme? Contrary to popular beliefs, China’s society and internet are not opaque abyss that will remain a mystery for outsiders. Information exists out there, but you have to know where to look.
Our workshop aims to provide key insights into Chinese open data policy and guidelines on where to search for information, which websites to use, and how to understand it.
Because information without its context holds no value, our workshop offers an analysis of the latest developments in Chinese cyber policy and its institutions, an exploration of the main sources of public data, and familiarization with major media outlets and social networks. All of this, of course, complemented with small challenges to sharpen the mind!”

Pierre Sel - East Is Red

Trained in Sciences Po in international relations, Pierre is focusing on contemporary Chinese politics and information technologies. He is the co-founder of EastIsRed and a PhD student at the University of Vienna, where he focuses China’s social credit system construction.
Pierre previously worked at the French Embassy in China on China’s digital policies, semiconductors, and cloud computing industries. In Vienna, he researches how the Chinese bureaucracies adopt and use digital technologies to enhance its governance capabilities.


Noé Hirsch - East Is Red

Trained in international law and history at Paris 1, NoĂ© has worked for the French Embassy in China as well as for several media outlets on the evolution of contemporary China. He has been involved in the production of several documentaries on China [such as “”The New Soldiers of China”” on ARTE] and co-founded the media and consulting firm EastIsRed.
With EastIsRed, NoĂ© has provided strategic monitoring for numerous private companies focusing on China, as well as participated in studies for several public institutions, such as GĂ©ode [Paris 8], and private institutions, particularly related to the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.”


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