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Who Wants to Win Bitcoins – Game Rules

Composition of the teams

  • A team consists of exactly 3 players
  • Each player is part of one team and one team only


To register, send an email to [ quiveutgagnerdesbitcoins [at]] (not easy, eh) mentioning the name of your team and the nicknames of the participants.

9 places are available for the game, if more than 9 teams are registered, pre-selections will take place and will be done by email (no, no speed test).

Principle of the game

Who Wants to Win Bitcoins is a game inspired by DEFCON’s Hacker Jeopardy, but it does not share the whole concept.

The game is played in rounds: 3 selection rounds and 1 final. During each round, 3 teams of 3 players compete by answering questions. Each correct answer earns points, a wrong answer does not lose any points.

At the end of the round, the team with the most points is declared the winner. In the event of a tie, a series of additional questions will be used to decide between the two teams.

The team that wins the final round wins a pre-provisioned wallet of bitcoins, for an amount greater than 500€ (to be determined).

How does a round unfold?

6 categories of questions are randomly selected and displayed on the main screen. Each category has 5 questions ranging from 100 to 500 points, for a total of 30 questions.

During the round, a team is designated “in charge” of the question board. The team in charge determines the next question, and keeps the hand as long as they answer the questions correctly first, and loses it if an opposing team answers correctly before them. In this case, the hand passes to the opposing team who chooses the next question and is now in charge of the board.

When a question is asked, teams buzz in to give their answer. The fastest team is the first to answer: points are awarded for correct answers, and they take control of the question board. If they get it wrong, they can no longer answer that question and the floor is left to the other teams. If they take too long to answer, they lose their turn and the floor is left to the other teams.

If no team gives the right answer, the floor is given to the audience. If a member of the audience gives the right answer when asked, they win NDH swag (t-shirts, hardware, mugs, etc.)! However, the team in charge of the question board has the final say.

If no one finds the answer, it is revealed and the game continues, with the question board team keeping the lead.

The team in charge of the question board chooses the next question, and so on until the last question.

End of the round

The round ends when all 30 questions have been asked. The points of the teams are totaled and the team with the most points is declared the winner. In the event of a tie, a sudden death test is set up: the first team to answer a question correctly wins the round.

Side effects

Participants in Who Wants to Win Bitcoins implicitly agree to the various side effects that may be imposed on them during their round, which include but are not limited to

  • Wearing various items on their head (underwear, masks, buoys, etc.) ;
  • Wearing various accessories (glasses, nose plugs, scarves, headbands, etc.);
  • Being subjected to the host’s rotten jokes;
  • Etc.

The pledges are intended in particular to punish the authors of totally false answers, improbable enormities or insults/insults against the authors of the questions. Similarly, rewarding props may be used to reward intelligent answers, well-placed bon mots or wrong answer detectors!

No degrading, sexist, misogynistic, inappropriate, painful, depraved, undignified or undeserving pledges will be made during the entire game.

Basic Rules

  • Any team caught cheating will be immediately disqualified
  • Any objectionable or inappropriate behavior towards the organizers and participants will result in the disqualification of the team concerned

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