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WORKSHOP: OSINT for Crisis Management 🇬🇧

Time: 01:00 > 03:00
Location: Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village

This workshop will focus on how OSINT tools and techniques can provide a considerable added value in the management of ongoing crises using case studies in Mozambique and Myanmar. For Mozambique, the workshop aims at providing insights into the symbiosis existing between OSINT resources and conventional crisis management and conflict analysis TTPs. This will provide participants with the necessary skills to create actionable contingency planning and intelligence reports in conflict areas using OSINT, highlighting multiple benefits such as reduced human risk, increased timeliness of reporting and access to insider information. In the case of Myanmar, the workshop aims at mapping ongoing attacks, identify its targets/authors, and guiding participants in the creation of an actionable intelligence report in an underreported conflict environment. The goals of this subtask include the identification of weaponry, deducing the subsequent force projection/multiplication this involves and how this will affect the upcoming developments in the field.

Dieter Stroobants - BANTS Consulting

Dieter Stroobants is a Brussels-based OSINT investigator operating as both the Director of Business Intelligence Services at BANTS Consulting as well as the co-founder of OSINT BE. He specializes in leveraging OSINT as a tool for conflict analysis, with specific interest in asymmetric, hybrid and emerging threats – often in post-Soviet and terrorism-ridden areas worldwide. A major part of his work consists in R&D focusing such threats, including niche areas such as security applications of 3D-printing and hardware hacking. In his spare time, he enjoys extreme sports, the occasional lockpicking challenge and knife collecting.

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