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WORKSHOP: Mastering CrackMapExec like a pro for your next internal pentest ! 🇫🇷

Time: 21:00 > 23:00
Location: ZONE 2 - WORKSHOP ZONE - level -3 -Salle 4D
Going on an internal pentest is not always as easy as it seems, sometimeyou only
have 2 days to compromise a domain. While 10 minutes can be enough, other times
you can become very short on time ! Mastering CrackMapExec will make you gain
time and focus on the methods and paths of compromision rather than spending
time to debug or try to understand how the tool is working during the pentest.
The goal of this workshop to to dive into the most usefull and interesting
options of CrackMapExec so you will never loose time again on the tooling ! No
dummy slides, a pure (easy) lab is waiting for you !
Martial Puygrenier

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