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leHACK OSINT village offre un panorama de l'intelligence en Open Source technologies.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) est la collecte, l'analyse et la diffusion d'informations disponibles au public et légalement accessibles.

30/06/2023 01/07/2023 02/07/2023

Détails évènement

30/06/2023 10:00 > 11:00 The Paterva story 🇬🇧 Roelof Temmingh - Vortimo - Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village
Back in 2008, a bunch of folks got together in an old warehouse in South Africa and started working on what we now know as Maltego, today's most popular OSINT tool. The founder of Paterva will share the wild story of how this software came to life, how it almost got canned, and the bumpy ...
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30/06/2023 13:30 > 14:30 Empowering your OSINT skills with GEOINT 🇬🇧 Valentin Châtelet Zone 3 - Osint Village
The talk aims at showcasing the power of geographic intelligence using open-source tools and databases on security-related issues. It covers various geolocation techniques, used to address humanitarian crises and document war crimes in conflict areas around the world. The talk will demonstrate how public satellite imagery providers, map services and radar imagery can be turned ...
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01/07/2023 10:00 > 11:00 Using the OSINT Mind-State for Better Online Investigations 🇬🇧 Nico Dekens | Dutch_osintguy Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village
In recent years, public interest in open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis has increased exponentially. As this interest has grown, more and more OSINT investigations have been relying on tools and automation, leaving the analysis process behind. In this talk, Nico will show why you should consider OSINT a thought process. He will discuss how ...
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01/07/2023 11:00 > 12:00 A hands-on introduction to Aleph, the data tool that enables OCCRP's cross-border investigations 🇬🇧 Jan Strozyk - OCCRP Zone 3 - Osint Village
Kickstart your investigations with OCCRP Aleph, the leak taming, company registry matching, huge dataset wrangling tool that enables the Organized Crime Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) to launch multiple cross border projects a year. Come learn about how to conduct advanced searches, cross-reference data across multiple leaks, and create your own investigation workspace — including building ...
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01/07/2023 13:30 > 14:30 Cryptocurrency & NFT OSINT: Introduction to Web3/Ethereum profiling & deanonymization 🇬🇧 Patrick Ventuzelo - Fuzzing Labs -Tanguy Laucournet - Fuzzing Labs - Zone 3 - Osint Village
This talk unravels the intricacies of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs from an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) perspective. We'll demystify how these technologies operate and explore relevant OSINT techniques. Delving into real-world use cases, we'll highlight how OSINT can help profile public personalities, identify victims of 'rug-pull' scams, and deanonymize Tornado Cash users. Join us for ...
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01/07/2023 14:30 > 15:30 Using OSINT to track illegal supply chains: a use-case on cocaine smuggling 🇬🇧 Liselotte Mas - Le Monde - OpenFacto Zone 3 - Osint Village
We’ll go through different ways in which OSINT can be useful to cover a highly secretive business: cocaine shipments across continents. Here you don’t have any documents, bills of lading or online tracking data. Where do you start? Being a complex system, it requires you to go into many different directions and go around the ...
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01/07/2023 15:30 > 16:30 Open source toolings to help analysts day-to-day activities - from AIL project to MISP 🇬🇧 Alexandre Dulaunoy - CIRCL Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village
Data Mining, Darknet, and Social Network Monitoring are critical components of modern threat intelligence and security operations. The AIL Project is an open source framework designed to collect, crawl, dig, and analyze unstructured data from various sources. With its extensible Python-based framework, AIL can analyze unstructured data collected via an advanced Crawler manager or from ...
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01/07/2023 16:30 > 19:00 GENERAL RUMPS SESSION 🇬🇧 Zone 3 - Louis Armand
RUMPS are small talk sessions, where you can freely grab the mic to present random speech about hacking without control, censorship, pressure, and inside a “plausible deniability” setup. No lineup, no recording, no endorsments, anonymity is guaranteed if needed and you bring your own countermeasures. You take all responsability for the topic you present, leHACK ...
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01/07/2023 23:00 > 23:55 WORKSHOP: China from afar, open data and research 🇬🇧 Pierre Sel - East Is RedNoé Hirsch - East Is Red Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village
23:00 -> 01:00 """China is a black box"". How many times did you heard this meme? Contrary to popular beliefs, China's society and internet are not opaque abyss that will remain a mystery for outsiders. Information exists out there, but you have to know where to look. Our workshop aims to provide key insights into ...
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02/07/2023 01:00 > 03:00 WORKSHOP: OSINT for Crisis Management 🇬🇧 Dieter Stroobants - BANTS Consulting Zone 3 - Osint Village
This workshop will focus on how OSINT tools and techniques can provide a considerable added value in the management of ongoing crises using case studies in Mozambique and Myanmar. For Mozambique, the workshop aims at providing insights into the symbiosis existing between OSINT resources and conventional crisis management and conflict analysis TTPs. This will provide ...
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