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The Paterva story 🇬🇧

Time: 10:00 > 11:00
Location: Zone 3 - Louis Armand - Osint Village

Back in 2008, a bunch of folks got together in an old warehouse in South Africa and started working on what we now know as Maltego, today’s most popular OSINT tool. The founder of Paterva will share the wild story of how this software came to life, how it almost got canned, and the bumpy ride to becoming everyone’s go-to OSINT tool. You’ll hear about the fun times, the mishaps, hard-learned lessons, and some lucky breaks. If you’re thinking about creating and selling your own OSINT project, this is a talk you don’t wanna miss!

Roelof Temmingh - Vortimo -

After Roelof Temmingh completed his degree in electronic engineering he worked as a software developer and later as system architect at a company that made encryption devices for the South African government. After 4 years he left the company (with @charlvdwalt) to start SensePost from his bedroom. For 7 years he hacked many networks, wrote many books, and spoke at all the conferences. He left the company in 2007 to start Paterva – the company that brought Maltego to the world. Roelof was the inventor and driving force behind Maltego for the first 10 years. Here he made many graphs, spoke at the remaining conferences, and trained many people. When he left Paterva he pondered, painted, made a short film, and baked for a year before starting a new venture called Vortimo, software that enhances the browsing experience (for investigators, researchers, and journalists).


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OSINT is a rising topic in the Hacking community:la collecte, l'analyse et la diffusion d'informations disponibles au public et légalement accessibles.


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We just published the conference lineup.
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