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Empowering your OSINT skills with GEOINT 🇬🇧

Time: 13:30 > 14:30
Location: Zone 3 - Osint Village

The talk aims at showcasing the power of geographic intelligence using open-source tools and databases on security-related issues. It covers various geolocation techniques, used to address humanitarian crises and document war crimes in conflict areas around the world. The talk will demonstrate how public satellite imagery providers, map services and radar imagery can be turned into intelligence information, using open-source software. Additionally, the talk focuses on turning social media information into geographic data, underlining how open-source intelligence can be strategic.

Valentin Châtelet

Valentin is a research associate in the security domain of the DFRLab. Prior to joining the Lab, Valentin worked as a Geographic Information System engineer for private clients. He briefly occupied the role of expert in geographic technologiy for the French Defense Ministry’s Operational Analysis Section of the Ground Forces. His work focuses on security related issues in Eastern Europe, with a foscus on Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. He’s most notably participated in international talks demonstrating the use of open geographic data to document military developments around the world.


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