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WORKSHOP: Using Satellite imagery, flight, and vessel data in investigations 🇬🇧

Time: 21:00 > 23:00
Location: Zone 3 - Osint Village

“At OCCRP, we often raise questions during the course of an investigation that involve geography. For example, what is the path of a vessel or a flight over time and at which point did we lose track of it? Are there any patterns in its path that recur? Is there a correlation of deforested areas and indigenous lands? To answer these and similar questions we need data which document these activities and the means and tools to analyse this data. In this workshop we will look at some sources of geographic data and the tools to process and analyse geographic data.

ERIC Barrett - OCCRP

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Eric Barrett joined OCCRP in 2019 and is the data desk manager. He works with OCCRP journalists and member centers leveraging data to support investigations that shine a light on corruption. Previously, he directed Georgia’s first data non-profit, JumpStart Georgia, and later managed technology and security at Azerbaijan’s leading independent media outlet in exile, MeydanTV.


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