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Pwned by abandonware 🇫🇷

Time: 19:20 > 20:05
Location: Zone 1 - Gaston Berger conference stage

Have you ever wanted to play an old DOS/Windows video game on your Linux laptop? It can be done using for example Wine or DosBox, and then downloading .EXE abandonware from public websites. But, did you know that this good oldie could have been quite easily backdoored, in order to get remote code execution on your host computer?

In this talk we will present how an evening, planned to be a travel in time, turned into solving this question: “could someone get access to my Linux host by waterholing old Windows games I download from the Internet?” Both DosBox and Wine will be exposed as potential targets. At the end, a presentation of security mesures you could set up on your Linux box will be exposed. You may even learn how to write an AppArmor profile!

Antoine Cervoise - Cervoise
Antoine is a penetration tester at Synacktiv. He works in the IT security field since 2010. He enjoys computer science, electronics and D.I.Y., beers (drinking and making) by night… and he’s fond of cigars! He presented his work at several european security conferences including SSTIC, HackLU, PassTheSalt.
Romain Huon - Renik

Renik started infosec by rooting his school’s AD network in 2001. The admin/teacher offered him a FBI-like deal : help him secure the network as student sysadmin, or get fired… 😄 Ever since he’s been a Blue Teamer that strives to build secure and resilient infrastructure. He’s now CIO at Synacktiv.

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