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Cutting ties of a vinyl cutter 🇫🇷

Time: 16:30 > 17:15
Location: Zone 1 - Gaston Berger conference stage

Cricut made a pretty bad move in March 2021 when they decided to limit the use of their crafting machines to users who did not subscribe to a paid account. The community rebelled and Cricut stepped back, while their PR department tried to extinguish the bad buzz. But something has started. People are more and more looking for a way to use a Cricut machine offline in order to avoid the next bad decision Cricut would take in a near future, in vain. Cricut’s machines are tied to Cricut’s online design web application and there is no way to use them with another software.

Well, that’s almost true. Since the rebellion has started, a bunch of hackers are trying to free Cricut’s machines from their online platform, proudly fighting against Cricut and doing their best to make them working with opensource software. In this talk, we will describe how we managed to reverse-engineer a Cricut Maker machine and its software, and create a custom opensource firmware running a modified GRBL in order to use this machine the way it was not intended to.

Damien Cauquil - Virtualabs

Hacker, proud father, and speaker at various security conferences (leHACK, DEFCON, BruCON, SSTIC). Mostly interested in reverse-engineering and Bluetooth Low Energy stuff 🙂

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