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LAMBDA Malware: The Hidden Threat in Excel Spreadsheets 🇬🇧

Time: 11:45 > 12:30
Location: Zone 1 - Gaston Berger conference stage

This lecture will discuss a new technique discovered by the Mimecast Research Team.

This technique can be used for embedding malicious scripts in Excel documents using one of the latest Excel new features – LAMBDA, bringing new life to a previously considered dead threat. In the lecture, it will be shown how easily the technique can be used to evade existing static analysis engines and allows the user to run arbitrary code on their machine. The lecture will begin by introducing some background of the key terms such as Lambda, Macro, past Office malicious attacks – and then discuss the current state of threats using Lambda. The lecture will then delve into the technical background of the method, specifically into the use of Excel 4.0 macros and obfuscation to hide the malicious payload. The lecture will conclude with a demonstration of the technique, PoC of evading some engines in VirusTotal, and a discussion on its implications for security.

Yonatan Baum
An experienced cyber security researcher, with five years experience in INSU (Unit 8200). Specialized in network protocols security and now working at Mimecast Research Group, researching Windows and email security threats.
Daniel Wolfman

Manages the research projects in Mimecast Security Research team, and part of the engineering of one of Mimecast’s Advanced Threat Protection services. Focuses on initial access threats and software exploitations , and have years of experience in enterprise cyber warfare.

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