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The XE-Files: Trust No Router 🇬🇧

Time: 15:30 > 16:30
Location: Zone 3 - OSINT Village - Louis Armand conference stage

Exploring the world of compromised IOS XE devices.
On the 16th October 2023 Cisco Talos shared intelligence about a handful of compromised routers discovered while resolving customer support requests. As the full story unfolded, a few backdoored devices turned into tens of thousands, and the massive mobilisation of incident response teams as patches were applied and workarounds implemented. Many months later, the incident may be largely forgotten by Cisco customers and the cyber-security community, but working on these routers remains an objective for somebody.

James Atack

James worked in systems and networks for a decade before finally succumbing to the destiny of nominative determinism. After briefly flirting with pen-testing he got a job as a security architect in the financial sector. He then became Head of the CERT team for a number of years but his hair had already fallen out at that point. He joined ONYPHE in 2023 as Deputy CTO and now dreams in Perl.


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