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Lock designs and security vulnerabilities: What can go wrong 🇬🇧

Time: 14:45 > 15:30
Location: Zone 1 - Gaston Berger conference stage

Locks, whether mechanical, electro-mechanical, or electronic, are complicated and are designed to protect people, assets, and information. Manufacturers and designers continue to miss vulnerabilities in what they produce, which can lead to insecurity and compromise. Marc Tobias will discuss critical areas that are analyzed in his new book on the subject, and what security experts should look for to discover methods of compromise.


Marc is an Investigative Attorney and physical security expert specializing in lock design and defeats. He runs a security team in the United States in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering, He works for the largest lock manufacturers in the world, analyzing their designs and identifying security vulnerabilities that can lead to covert or forced entry.

Marc has lectured extensively worldwide, written eight books, and been issued 32 United States patents. In 2007, Marc and his team successfully compromised the highest-security lock in America. They published a book entitled “Open in Thirty Seconds: Cracking one of the Most Secure Locks in America.”

His latest book, “Tobias on Locks and Insecurity Engineering” is a detailed treatise on the threats to locks and access control systems, insecure designs, and how they can be compromised. It is the subject of his lecture at leHACK 2024.

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