The COVID-19 crisis had impacted us, too, but PHEAR NOT, we have just shifted our event dates to september 2020! ( 🤞 )

This year, leHACK event will happend the 18 and 19th of september 2020, if no new exceptional situation occurs.

This year theHACK will last one more day!

For 18 years, leHACK was taking place the saturday, and the whole following night, until the wargame is over. All this time we tried to perpetuate our core values: authenticity, respect, openess, and old school hacking spirit.

However we felt the saturday was definitely a small timeframe to listen to conferences and have the time to visit the company village, knowledge is the key, but having the time to quietly meet the outstanding companies and associations presenting their work in the village is also important.

That's why we decided to open one day earlier: for now on leHACK will begin the friday ( 10AM - 8PM only)! Note that the wargame still spans from saturday to sunday morning as usual.

The entry price don't change.

Opening one more day generate more costs for HZV, but we decided not to change the entry prices, and stick to the old ones, as we think that the decision of attending such a conference as a leHACK should never be segragated by income. We try to keep them as low as possible.

We are happy to still be here after all those years

We would like to thank you for being such a nice and supportive community. We, HZV, are volunteering to organise leHACK each year, as a non-profit event, so bear with us while we find the time to update you on the event. With your help, we have established as the leading hacker conference in France

The CFP just ended, we will publish the conference schedule very soon. In the meantime, don't forget to register soon, as it gives us a foreview of our budget. Thank you.

The HZV Team