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Location: Zone 2 - workshop zone - Room 3

If you think hardware hacking is a complete mystery, if you think it is a hard domain reserved to gurus, if you’re afraid to jump in because you are afraid to break things, come visit the hardware village.

We have prepared workshops to demystify hardware hacking and will show you that all the fun is in breaking things.

Come meet us at the hardware village:
* receive a printed circuit board and try to pass our soldering challenges and leave with a flashy board that will impress your special on.
* learn how it is possible to analyse communications by using a logic analyzer
* learn how to interface with a microcontroller

Workshops sessions will be held during all LeHack at predefined times.

Friday 30/06:

  • 11:00 -> 12:45   
  • 13:00 -> 14:45
  • 15:00 -> 16:45

Saturday 01/07 :

  • 11:00 -> 12:45
  • 13:00 -> 14:45
  • 15:00 -> 16:45
  • 17:00 -> 18:45
  • 19:00 -> 20:45
  • 21:00 -> 22:45
  • 23:00 -> 00:45

Sunday 02/07 :

  • 01:00 -> 02:45


Seats are limited for each session, register in advance at

We can accommodate 10 tandems (2 attendees)  at the same time. Please come 5 minutes before the session you booked.
Due to the limited number of places we will give your seat to another tandem if you are not on time.

If you can’t book a session, come meet us, we might be able to find a solution for you.


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