[WORKSHOP] 🇫🇷 - AD pwnage with CrackMapExec

Hi, I'm mpgn, developer of the famous CrackMapExec and many other tools !

Creator of the french podcast Hack'n Speak and security constulant at daylight

In this workshop I will present the tool CrackMapExec and how to take adavantage of the tool to compromise efficiently a domain during an internal pentest.

The goal of this workshop is to learn the pros / cons of CrackMapEXEC.

Which feature should I use regarding the attack I need to perform, which command I should try to run first, what should I do when I crab a credentials ? etc

This workshop is for student who maybe never use CrackMapExec or people who want to learn more about the tool and how I use it properly during internal pentest.

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