[TALK] 🇬🇧 What are we missing in Web Applications?

In today's world, we have a modern and stable web application framework to develop on. That is already so much secured from the attacks, regardless of the OS. If you design the system properly, attacker cannot injection the system. Or attacker cannot attack the website with common attacks like XSS, CSRF, SSRF, SSTI, etc. On the other hand, we have sophisticated scanners which scan the website dynamically with the interactive logins as well, it scans the website along with the internal pages. And we have secure coding practices as well along with the scanners which can scan the source code regardless of the programming language. They are necessary tools while developing a secure application.

But what all these are missing is "Business Logic Flaws", which are the reason for the highest-paid bounties on Hackerone, bugcrowd, etc. Business Logic Flaws are the attacks, which neither the source-code analysis tool nor dynamic web application scanner can detect.

The presentation/talk will discuss vulnerabilities that can arise from business logic flaws which can affect confidentiality, integrity & availability of customers' information as well as the product that is connected with the application. We will discuss CVE-2019-2823 - Oracle Financial Services along with other 2FA bypasses in Financial Mobile Applications. Where I was able to do vertical privilege escalation in regards to roles, checker, maker, etc. modules. These were critical findings that were used in financial information systems. On which APTs are attacking day and night.

The majority of the banks use this Oracle service in the world. There are a lot of similar bugs in the world right now as well, in regards to Business Logic Flaws. We have to enhance the testing skills rather than depending on the scanners, manual testing approach to test the use cases will be a good approach.

About Mirza Burhan Baig

Mirza Burhan Baig is an Information Senior Security Consultant at ZeroDayLab – UK. Mr. Baig is OSCP Certified professional with over 8 years of experience in Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting & Vulnerability assessments which include Core banking solutions, Banking applications, Network assessment, Mobile penetration testing. Mostly served financial industry.

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