The Confessional ZATAZ you propose to come and confess. You discovered a fault and are you afraid to alert the company ? You discovered a leak of personal data and you want to trace the information ? The ZATAZ Protocol is here for you.

The idea: help without having to unmask.

From 19:30, it is Damien Bancal who will receive you and who will take care to alert the company, the association, the ANSSI, the CNIL, ... He does not want not even know who you are. If you come, is that you wish help. Only imperative, smile, geek and fun!

Some numbers :

In 2015, 27 helpers allowed to patch 18 data leaks

In 2016, 27 (15 direct) ended with an alert protocol

In 2017, 60 confirmed alerts, which include 7 serious report

In 2018, More than a hundred faults